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    Polyphosphoric acid

    Product Name: Polyphosphoric acid (PPA).
    Representative  Formula: H6P4O13
    Molecular Weight: 337.93
    IMDG Code: GB8.1 Class 815052. Base iron: grade-A inorganic acid corrosive goods, 93007.

    Uses: As cyclizing agent and acylating agent for organic synthesis; as analytical reagent; as substitute of orthophosphoric acid.

    Properties: PPA is colorless transparent ropy liquid; it is deliquescent; non-crystallizable and corrosive; miscible with water to become orthophosphoric acid, specific weight: 2.1g/cm3.

    Risk Characteristics: Non-combustible, but will cause burning when contacting with gas generation agent-H; not quite corrosive; will be hydrolyzed into orthophosphoric acid in water.

    Emergency Measures & Fire Fighting: Fight fire with water. First aid: prevent phosphoric acid from contacting skin and entering eyes. Take the sufferer of the polluted area, and take off their clothes, wash skin and eyes with plenty of water, smear the skin with magnesia-glycerine ointment; if sufferer is burnt, pls. send them to hospital.

    Storage: Corrosive. Packing: Class (III). In plastic drum or glass bottle (outer packing: wooden crate) lined with non-combustible materials. Storage: Stored in dry and cool place. Mixing with alkali, toxic articles and corrosives are strictly prohibited. Operators should wear acid-resistant protection articles. Accidental release measures: In treatment, you must wear gas masks and gloves; spray sodium carbonate on the polluted grounds and wash with water, and waste water must be discharged into the wastewater system.

    Shelf Life: 60 days during May to September; 90 days from October to April.

    Specification & Quality Index:


    Food grade Tech grade
    Assay ≥117% ≥115-116%
    Assay(P2O5)% ≥85% ≥83-84%
    Chloride ≤0.001 ≤0.001
    Sulfate radical 0.002 0.01
    Viscosity(centipoise) 35000 35000
    Chroma (Hazen) 20 50
    Heavy metal (Pb) % ≤0.001 ≤0.01
    Iron (Fe)% ≤0.0050 ≤0.01
    Arsenic (As)% ≤0.0025 ≤0.01