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    about us

    Jiangshan Yikang Chemical Co., Ltd. (former Jiangshan Longtao Chemical Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1997, with a land of more than 23,000sqm.  Located in Jiangdong zone of Jiangshan Economic Development Park of Zhejiang province, we enjoy good location and convenient transportation for we are situated at the east side of province highway 46, and are very close to railways and highways.  With more than ten years' hard working, we have become a large enterprise in this industry. Now, we annually produce 5,000 tons of Phosphorus pentoxide and 2,000 tons of Polyphosphoric acid, and our products are widely used in medicine, phosphorus oxychloride, fine chemicals, coating auxiliaries, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, flame retardants, polyester slice, essences, flavor, Phosphoric acid, toothpaste additive, pesticide and petroleum, etc. Up to now, we have been highly appraised by customers all over the world for earnest and rigorous work attitude and strict quality system. We also receive high reputation in this industry.

    We have been working hard to improve manufacturing methods and make innovation in past ten years. We focus on production, concentrate on marketing and pay special attention to research and development. Sticking to such idea of "being focused, concentrated and specific", we have successfully established high reputation and good image for our products in China and international market.

    As a leading global distributor in phosphorus chemicals, Filo Chemical is a firm partner of our company in the markets for Europe, and Japan.

    "Doing our best to meet customers' demands without compromising quality" is the philosophy of our company. Your suggestions and opinions to our quality and package are highly appreciated, that will help us improving after-sales service continuously. With extraordinary reputation, quality products and first-class service, we strive to offer better business opportunities for customers all around the world. We look forward to having technical exchange and trade cooperation with friends and customers all over the world for creating bright future together!